Minting Tiger NFT is easy and costs (almost) no gas.

There is no mobile app for near wallet yet, but the browser version nicely works both on desktop/laptop and mobile browser. If you need any support regarding this process, do not hesitate to reach us on Discord on any channel.

Get a Near Wallet:

Here is a manual on how to do it properly:
At the step, you face an offer to fund the wallet you should proceed to step 2👇🏻

Fund your wallet.

Buy NEAR from your favorite crypto exchange. If you plan on converting another crypto into NEAR, the easiest way is still using an exchange. Here are exchanges that trade NEAR:

  • a) Binance
  • b) Moonpay
  • c) TokoCrypto
  • d) OKEx
  • e)
  • f) Huobi Global

We personally prefer Binance, as it is a well-known exchange, has a good interface and nice tutorials for users:


On December 18th, 2021, 3 PM UTC, come to our website and mint your own Tiger NFT. There will be a MINT button clearly visible on the home page — you won’t miss it.

To find what time it will be for you, proceed to this page and enter your city:

Important: the only place to mint is on our website (be aware of scammers).