Gift for a friend

NFT is a hot topic in 2021. The Collins Dictionary chose “NFT” as a word for the year 2021. The Digital Era is developing rapidly. And as you are reading this, you probably noticed it as well.

For some reason, there are people who are unfamiliar with upcoming innovations and refuse to accept them. How about helping them out to make their first step?

We are close to Christmas and New Year, so it is nice to have the opportunity to present a special gift to our friends and relatives. Especially, because 2022 is the year of a tiger, so the present should be not only precious but also symbolic. And of course, the best gift is the one that tends to grow in its value!

We created a gift card available for you to download, which you can either put in an envelope and present in person or just send it online. This gift card is specially made for the refugees of the Digital Era, so everything will be set up for them.

Gift card: download

Generate a link drop, which will enable receiving an NFT for your friend:
OR follow the below steps to do everything manually:

Here is a tutorial on how to prepare the gift:
Go to How to mint and set up everything on a special wallet for your friend.
Copy and paste the mnemonic phrase into a gift card. Do not worry your friend may change this phrase afterward, so the security of the wallet will be fine.
Fill out your name and the name of a friend to whom you present.
Present the unique gift to your friend. Congrats, your friend is familiar with the digital ownership now and may enjoy all benefits from the membership in NEAR Tiger Academy!