The Near Tiger Academy

Welcome to Near Wildcats



The Near Tiger Academy has a full capacity of 10,000 students.
The administration of the Academy decided that the first student intake should consist of 2,000.
The NTA is algorithmically generated NFTs, which are collectible pieces of art embracing a variety of professions and lifestyles. The pilot group of students will play a vital role in the development of the Academy and will be rewarded with all possible perks.

The Academy resides in Los Tigres, a city full of opportunities, its citizens are eligible for the following:
  • 1) Investment in promising student researchers
  • 2) Membership in the EnDAOment Fund
  • 3) Lotteries

To find out more, jump into our Roadmap!
We are at the beginning of the huge journey, hope to see many people from all over the world join a great community of NEAR. NTA cares about values of bravery, curiosity, and commitment to excellence. That is why using NTA NFT as a profile is such an honorable thing.
We are aimed at an alliance of sister projects encouraging members from the projects to engage with each other. Many perks will be coming later, and we hope that the Tiger Community will play an active role in this journey!
2022 is a year of the Tiger, and we will take full advantage of it!

The EnDAOment Fund

We decided to turn our project into a funnel attracting ideas from all over the world. We hold part of the profits from the NTFs drop and royalties in the EnDAOment Fund.

There are many students and professors with great potential who are deprived of the opportunity and infrastructure to put their bright ideas into practice.

Some random examples of companies founded by students: Facebook, FedEx, Google, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. Early investors of these companies are worth billions of dollars.

We believe in the power of student researchers, and we are happy to announce the launching of a business incubator for promising initiatives. Near Tiger Academy will be focusing on the students’ research and works in the blockchain field. Our main goal will be building infrastructure around the NEAR Protocol.

The core team of the RTA is originally from Russia where Vitalik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum), both Illia Polosukhin and Alexander Skidanov (need no introduction), Anatoly Yakovenko (the founder of Solana), and many other brilliant developers come from. At first, we will consider blockchain specialists in our country.

However, we do not limit the activities of the EnDAOment Fund just to one country. We are open to funding projects from all over the world.

All the profits coming from the projects will be distributed between the Tiger NFT holders.


Road Map

Q4 2021:
  • We will focus on building a strong community with a great representation both on Twitter and Discord.
  • Reach an agreement with marketplaces to get the collection listed.
  • 40 tigers will be given away to the community members or utilized for marketing purposes.
Mint day
Q4 2021:
  • After the launch, all Tigers will have the opportunity to get listed on NEAR marketplaces.
  • Soon after the mint, we will launch a DAO, which will enable every member of the community to participate in decision-making.
  • We will allocate 15% of the collected amount to the EnDAOment Fund.
  • We will start hiring full-time developers from top Russian Universities in the blockchain field: MIPT, Skoltech, MSU, etc.
  • Soon after the mint, we will launch RTA’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem accessible for blockchain projects from all over the world.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Q1 2022:
  • 2022 is a year of the Tiger!
    We will hold a lottery among our members with a prize fund of $8,000:
    1) $3,000 - The whitelist members (approx. 150 members) will have a chance to win $3,000.
    2) $4,000 - The first thousand people to mint the Near Tigers (excluding WL) will have a chance to win $4,000.
    3) $1,000 - All remaining Near Tigers will have a chance to win $1,000.
  • The team decided to take care of our beloved animals as well. A significant amount of money will go to a charity fund that protects wild cat species. The exact fund is to be chosen by the community.
Develop the DAO
Long-term goals:

The EnDAOment Fund will unleash endless opportunities. We will hire developers to build projects to develop NEAR infrastructure. Besides that, the core team of developers will be in the panel to investigate which projects/researchers are the most attractive both for NEAR development and income generation for the NTA NFTs Holders.


Rarity Distribution
  • 50%


  • 30%


  • 15%


  • 5%


Common 13.5%

Our Team


Wildon – the founder, majored in Economics and Finances, Ex invest-banker, with specialization in business valuation and finding new investment opportunities in the early stages of development. At the NTA, he focuses on strategic management and art creation. He is keen on traveling and likes to play tennis.

The Dean

The Dean – the founder, majored in Molecular and Chemical Physics and Finances, Ex strategy&business optimization consultant, worked as Chief Strategy Officer in metal&coal mining companies. At the NTA he is responsible for attracting new marketing channels and building long-term partnerships. He likes solving brain teasers and skiing.


Antoine – the artist, went to medical school, but quickly realized that medicine is not something that fires his heart. So, 10 years ago he started his journey as an artist. Essentially, specializes in tattoos, and he is representative of New School tattoo. Wildon managed to convince him that the digital era brings new opportunities, and a bright example of it is NFT, so thankfully we have an opportunity to observe his art today.

Full-stack developer

Lui – the programmer, majored in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, always loved solving new challenges in coding; was one of the best in the class and always has a solution to any problem, worries aside - smart contracts are in the right hands.


Where can I speak to the team?

We are available for you on the Discord channel.

Will there be a community fund?

Yes, we will be placing certain amount of Secondary market royalties into the community fund. It will give the opportunity to develop community, hire experienced specialists to accomplish our objectives.